Flake graphite prices stabilize

2019-10-25 09:32
At the beginning of the month, the overall price of flaky graphite in Shandong was stable. At present, the mainstream price of -195 was 6300-6500 yuan / ton, which was the same as last month. In the winter, most of the flake graphite enterprises in Northeast China stopped production and vacation. Although a few enterprises are in production, the output is reduced and the inventory reserves are not large.
Due to the poor steel situation and the decline in the demand for refractory, the scale graphite market has fallen, resulting in a decline in scale graphite prices and confusing corporate quotes. As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, due to the suspension of production in the Northeast region, the supply of graphite has declined, and the downstream enterprises have basically completed the preparation of stocks. The supply and demand of the flake graphite market is flat, and the offer is relatively stable.    
In 2011, the export situation of flake graphite was relatively sluggish. According to customs statistics, from January to November 2011, China's cumulative total export of natural flake graphite was about 139,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 18.3%. Among them, the top five countries in terms of export volume are Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, and South Korea, and exports to these five countries account for 55.9% of the total exports. According to the statistics of export ports, Qingdao Customs exports 55,800 tons, Dalian Customs 45,100 tons, and Tianjin Customs 31,900 tons. The total graphite exported from the above three customs accounts for more than 95% of the total exports. 
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